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Kualanamu Airport Runs This Program As A Quick Step To Increase Terminal Capacity and Comfort Of Airplane Passengers

25 Sep 2022

Terminal capacity was increased to 15 million passengers/year in a short time, airport interior design was updated at a number of points

Jakarta - Kualanamu Airport is prepared to become an international flight hub airport in the western region of Indonesia.

During a working visit to Kualanamu Airport on September 24, 2022, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi emphasized that the development of Kualanamu Airport must be able to make the airport an international hub and increase market share in the international route market in the ASEAN region; accelerate the development of international routes to and from South Asia; develop capacity; realizing the Aerocity area; and increasing the capacity of human resources in the national aviation sector through employee exchange between AP II and GMR airports.

In line with this, PT Angkasa Pura II through its subsidiary, PT Angkasa Pura Aviasi as the manager of Kualanamu Airport, is currently carrying out structuring, terminal development and total repair of all facilities to ensure traveler comfort and achieve the given targets.

One program currently being implemented is the Immediate Capacity Augmented (ICA) program as an effort to increase the capacity of the passenger terminal in a short time.

AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said a rapid increase in terminal capacity was needed to accommodate the rapid growth of international routes so as to ensure smooth flow in the domestic and international areas.

"The ICA program is an innovation to rapidly increase terminal capacity before a larger terminal development program is carried out."

“The capacity increase through ICA is carried out by rearranging domestic and international terminals through maximizing and optimizing existing assets to ensure the comfort of airplane passengers. In addition to increasing terminal capacity, the ICA program will also touch on the redesign of the interior design so that Kualanamu Airport will look different and better than before, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Muhammad Awaluddin said that currently the demand for international flights to and from Kualanamu Airport is quite high.

"AP II's program to make Kualanamu Airport an international hub has been well received. Several airlines have expressed their readiness. Currently, Lion Air has made Kualanamu Airport an international hub for Umrah flights, where Umrah pilgrims from other cities in Sumatra using Lion Air will be centered on their departure at Kualanamu Airport to go to Jeddah, "explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Capacity building through ICA
President Director of PT Angkasa Pura Aviasi, Achmad Rifai, said that through the ICA program, the capacity of Kualanamu Airport can be increased from the current 10 million passengers to 15 million passengers in 2024.

"The total capacity of the terminal will be increased to 15 million passengers in 2024. The domestic and international terminal areas will be wider, bringing the total terminal area to 108,150 square meters from the current 103,650 square meters," said Achmad Rifai.

Furthermore, Achmad Rifai said that in line with the ICA program, a number of modern facilities will also be implemented in domestic and international terminals.

One of the new and modern facilities is the Automated Tray Retrieval Systems (ATRS) at the security check point (SCP) for automatic tray management.

There is also an increase in the capacity of information and communication technology systems, including the Airport Operational Database (AODB) infrastructure.

Achmad Rifai said that various programs are currently being carried out to improve passenger comfort, including terminal beautification and total repair of all facilities.

"Total repairs of all facilities include toilets, customer service desk/information desk, floor replacement at several points, repair of children's play areas, repair of security posts, repair of vehicle parking locations and other facilities for the convenience of travelers," explained Achmad Rifai.

Airport development
The ICA program was implemented prior to the start of the comprehensive Phase I development at Kualanamu Airport.

Phase 1 development will expand the passenger terminal from 108,150 square meters to 163,944 square meters with a capacity of up to 20 million passengers per year.

Then the next Phase 2 development will expand the terminal to 192,453 square meters with a capacity of 30 million passengers per year, Phase 3 expand the terminal to 317,783 square meters with a capacity of 50 million passengers per year, and Tahal 4 expand the terminal to 400,018 square meters with a capacity of 65 million passengers. per year.