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November 2022 Serves Umrah Flights, This Is Kertajati Airport Readiness

24 Sep 2022

Kertajati Airport provides convenience for Umrah pilgrims

Jakarta - Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, West Java, will start serving Umrah flights in November 2022, operated by Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air.

PT Angkasa Pura II as the manager of Kertajati Airport ensures the readiness of all airport facilities both on the airside and landside for the smooth journey of Umrah worship for the congregation.

"On September 22, 2022, AP II and stakeholders will conduct an assessment of all aspects, namely operations, services and safety as well as all existing facilities. The results of the assessment are that all aspects and facilities at Kertajati Airport are confirmed to be ready to serve airlines and Umrah pilgrims who will travel to the Holy Land," said VP of Corporate Communications AP II Akbar Putra Mardhika.

Akbar Putra Mardhika added, “Kertajati Airport is a pioneer in providing world-class services for Umrah pilgrims. Kertajati Airport can provide complete facilities for Umrah pilgrims with a wider area and the best services, so that it can provide comfort for Umrah pilgrims and their families."

Air Side
Plt. Kertajati Airport Executive General Manager Yudha Nugraha said Kertajati Airport has a runway with dimensions of 3,000 x 60 meters that can serve wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, to wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus 330.

"The condition of the runway is excellent, ready to serve Umrah flights using widebody aircraft for direct flights from Kertajati Airport to Jeddah and vice versa. The air side is also supported by 22 parking stands, as well as 5 parallel taxiways, 2 cross taxiways and 2 gate taxiways. Every hour, Kertajati Airport can serve 16 flight movements," said Akbar Putra Mardhika.

On the air side, it is also ensured that stakeholders are ready to provide services to airlines, including Pertamina and 3 ground handling operators.

To support the safety aspect, AP II has prepared an Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) team, which is strengthened by 17 personnel and equipped with various equipment, including operational vehicles, including foam tenders, nurse tenders and commando cars.

land side
The passenger terminal at Kertajati Airport has an area of ​​about 121,000 square meters which can provide comfort for Umrah pilgrims.

In the terminal, a total of 24 check-in counters are prepared, some of which will be used for international flights including Umrah.

"Boarding lounges or places where passengers wait to board the plane have a large enough capacity, reaching a total of around 1,900 passengers. This capacity is very sufficient for Umrah flights," said Yudha Nugraha.

There are also 2 aerobridges (aviobridges) that connect the terminal with the plane, making it easier for passengers to board the plane.

Furthermore, Yudha Nugraha explained that the commercial area consisting of retail tenants, F&B, lounges to banking is certain to be ready to serve Umrah pilgrims in November 2022.

Airport operations and services on the land side are also supported by Customer Service, Terminal Inspection Service, Facility Care and Aviation Security personnel.

Design interior
In an effort to bring comfort and welcome the Umrah pilgrims, AP II will make changes to the interior design at a number of points at the passenger terminal of Kertajati Airport.

In the departure and arrival areas, Islamic nuanced design concepts and local wisdom are applied.

This latest interior design concept is targeted to be implemented in the near future to welcome Umrah pilgrims in November 2022.