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  • 38th Anniversary, AP II Promotes the Spirit to Restore the Glory of the Aviation and Tourism Industry Through Beyond The Uncertainty


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38th Anniversary, AP II Promotes the Spirit to Restore the Glory of the Aviation and Tourism Industry Through Beyond The Uncertainty

13 Aug 2022

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II carries the spirit of restoring the glory of the air transportation and tourism industry in commemorating the 38th anniversary today, Saturday, August 13, 2022.

AP II set the theme Beyond The Uncertainty on its 38th Anniversary with Recovery, Rebound and Regain programs.

“AP II has entered the age of 38 years, not a short age. We interpret the age of 38 as a learning process to continue to be better as a corporation. We use 38 years of experience to make AP II even stronger in the future," said Muhammad Awaluddin, President Director of AP II.

“This 38 year old coincides with the experience in the midst of a pandemic. AP II has gone through 2.5 years of traveling in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, making us learn a lot. Together in difficult times, until AP II succeeds through these difficult times."

"This makes AP II not afraid and not afraid to look at the future. With 38 years of experience, AP II will knit a better future. Therefore, we took the theme Beyond The Uncertainty to build a better future. AP II will be better operationally, in service and in business," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Muhammad Awaluddin added that AP II as an airport operator became the orchestrator of the air transportation industry, inviting all stakeholders to collaborate, synergize and work together to increase flight traffic this year with a target of 60-70% from 2019 when there was no pandemic through the best services and travel. safe and healthy air to various destinations.

In realizing Beyond The Uncertainty's efforts, AP II one of which officially opened the Travelin Fest on August 13, 2022 at Soekarno-Hatta Airport as a forum for aviation, tourism and MSME industry players to be able to jointly mobilize unity to increase flight traffic and accelerate economy.

Director of Commercial and Service AP II Mohammad Rizal Pahlevi revealed that all booths at Travelin Fest were provided free of charge without rental fees for airlines and SMEs/MSMEs.

“Airlines and SME/UMKM partners in our Travelin Fest provide booths for free without paying a penny to market their best products and services. This is a manifestation of AP II's active role in creating synergies and collaborations to accelerate the recovery of the aviation and tourism industry with the same spirit: Recover, Regain, Rebound Together," said Mohammad Rizal Pahlevi.

Mohammad Rizal Pahlevi said Travelin Fest will become an annual event at AP II airports as a tangible form of ecosystem collaboration in the aviation industry.

Coinciding with the opening of the Travelin Fest, AP II also received a MURI World Record for displaying more than 3,800 quality local products at 13 airports managed by AP II.

"The Local Creative Festival, which is part of the Travelin Fest, was held simultaneously in 13 airports with a total of more than 3,800 local products offered, so that this event won the 'MURI Local Creative Festival World Record of 3,800 Products at 13 Airports'," said Mohammad Rizal Pahlevi.

The holding of this Travelin Fest follows 5 special incentive schemes that airlines can use in operating flights at AP II airports.

As for today, Gerai Nusantara has also been inaugurated in the domestic arrivals area of ​​Terminal 3 which is dedicated as a showcase for local products to support SMEs/MSMEs.

In the near future, AP II will again introduce programs to support aviation and tourism industry stakeholders to realize Beyond The Uncertainty.