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Wow! Most of these items are sent by plane via AP II Airport during the Eid Holidays

17 May 2022

AP II handles 41,500 tons of cargo during the Eid transportation period 22 April - 13 May 2022

Jakarta - In addition to increasing the number of passenger movements, the airport managed by PT Angkasa Pura II also recorded growth in cargo transportation in the 2022 Eid transportation period.

The volume of cargo transportation during the 22-day Eid period (April 22 - May 13, 2022) at AP II airport was cumulatively recorded at around 41,500 tons, consisting of domestic cargo transportation of 23,856 tons and export-import cargo transportation of 17,644 tons.

"The volume of domestic cargo transportation during Lebaran 2022 transportation on April 22 - May 13 2022 increased by around 11% compared to the 2019 Eid transportation period on May 26 - June 16 2019 when there was no pandemic," explained AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin.

The busiest AP II airport handling cargo transportation during Angle 2022 is Soekarno-Hatta Airport with a total cargo volume of 32,365 tons, followed by Kualanamu (Deli Serdang) with a total cargo volume of 2,817 tons, then Supadio (Pontianak) with 1,816 tons.

Muhammad Awaluddin revealed that during this year's angleb period, there were a number of products that dominated the volume of cargo transportation at AP II airports.

"General cargo, which is a type of consignment that does not need special handling but still has to meet flight security and safety requirements, dominates up to 97% of the total tonnage of cargo transportation at AP II airport in 2022."

"Of the total general cargo transportation, the largest portion, which is 70%, is cargo transportation which is the delivery of goods from e-commerce," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Awaluddin continued, the most common products, including general cargo at AP II airport during Angle 2022, were garment products and automotive spare parts.

"Looking at the facts, our analysis is that garment products purchased on e-commerce dominate cargo transportation at AP II airport during the Lebaran transportation period this year," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Furthermore, Muhammad Awaluddin said that automotive spare parts products also dominate cargo transportation, which means that the demand for spare parts is quite high in line with going home using private vehicles.

"Cargo transportation by plane is the fastest shipping transportation to cover long distances, so it is very appropriate to be relied on at a time of high activity and demand during this Eid holiday," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

"In line with this, AP II together with stakeholders in the cargo transportation sector will jointly ensure the smooth handling of cargo transportation. We are grateful that in the midst of high flight traffic during Angleb, cargo management went smoothly," added Muhammad Awaluddin.

In addition to general cargo which dominates 97% of the market at AP II airport, there is also special cargo with a market share of 3% of the total cargo transportation.

Special cargo in question is a product that requires special handling such as food, animals and so on.

Cargo transportation at AP II airport is the most resilient sector in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, a number of airlines operated passenger planes to specifically transport cargo at AP II airport.