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Airport Council International Appreciates AP II for Keeping Traveler's Voice Important Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

11 Feb 2022

A total of 8 AP II airports received ACI World's Voice of the Customer certificates

Jakarta - Airport Council International (ACI), an organization that accommodates airports around the world, gave appreciation to 8 PT Angkasa Pura II airports in line with their hard efforts to provide the best service in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by carrying out the ACI World's Voice of the Customer initiative. .

AP II airports that received appreciation from ACI were Husein Sastranegara (Bandung), Soekarno-Hatta (Tangerang), Sultan Thaha (Jambi), Kualanamu (Deli Serdang), Depati Amir (Pangkalpinang), Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Pekanbaru), Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II (Palembang) and Supadio (Pontianak).

The ACI World's Voice of the Customer initiative itself is part of the Airport Service Quality program to ensure customer (traveler) satisfaction.

Through this initiative, AP II airports listen to customer voices regarding services at departure, arrival and commercial aspects with survey methods according to ACI standards which will be carried out in 2021.

ACI stated that AP II airports carrying out this initiative have been able to continuously prioritize customers (travelers) and ensure their voices are heard in the midst of this pandemic.

"Your airport has made a significant effort in gathering input from airline passengers through ACI's Airport Service Quality program and this will help to understand your customers when delivering continuous information to ensure the best customer experience in these difficult times," said Director General ACI World Luis Felipe de Oliveira in his letter to the President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin.

AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said the voice of customers, in this case the traveler at AP II airports, must always be heard as the basis for service improvement and giving birth to various innovations in every condition, including in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is very important to understand customers, especially in the midst of this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. AP II is committed to listening to traveler's voices and inputs so that the customer experience is maintained in all situations. We thank ACI for appreciating ACI World's Voice of the Customer in line with a survey held by AP II in 2021 to hear the voice of travelers for services at departure, arrival and commercial points," Muhammad Awaluddin explained.

As for the voice of customers, AP II also introduced various service innovations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

1. Innovation at the point of departure and arrival
- PeduliLindung digital validation tool: To check whether the PeduliLindung traveler application has loaded the documents required for the flight
- Virtual Customer Assistant (VICA): customer service via video that can be accessed by travelers via gadgets
- Travel advisory: AP II periodically informs travel advisory information that can be accessed through the travelin application
- Airport Health Center: COVID-19 test locations at AP II airport
Use of the HORE (Health Protocol Readiness) application at international arrivals to facilitate reporting and integration of passenger data so that international arrival procedures run well
- Provision of eHAC scanner equipment at all domestic arrivals at AP II airport
- Face recognition for departures which is currently being prepared at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

2. Innovation in the commercial aspect:
- Vending machines at the passenger terminal that provide personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, hand sanitizers, face shields and so on
- Saphire Precious Lounge to provide services for Commercial Important Persons (CIP) at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

3. Innovations related to health protocols:
- Vaccination Center: a location for travelers and the wider community to undergo COVID-19 vaccination at AP II airport
- Implementation of Biosecurity Management: ensuring physical distancing, checking body temperature using a thermal scanner, non-touch facilities, disinfection in all terminal rooms, use of PPE by everyone
- Application of Biosafety Management: Use of UV sterilizer, testing lab facilities, infrastructure sterilization

Muhammad Awaluddin said that this year, various innovations would be introduced to further improve the customer experience of travelers at AP II airports, one of which is innovation that utilizes the metaverse, namely the Tourism Activity Center and Augmented Airport Experience.