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  • Hakordia Commemoration 2021, Corruption Prevention System at AP II Appreciated!


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Hakordia Commemoration 2021, Corruption Prevention System at AP II Appreciated!

09 Dec 2021

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) today, December 9, 2021, held a commemoration of the 2021 World Anti-Corruption Day (Hakordia) with the theme One Unified Build an Anti-Corruption Culture.

The rally which was held online was at the same time to strengthen joint collaboration between AP II and other stakeholders, namely the Banten High Prosecutor's Office and the Development and Finance Supervisory Agency, in preventing corruption.

At the 2021 Hakordia Commemoration Ceremony, President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin said corruption is an extraordinary crime that must be faced in an extraordinary way and involves collaboration between institutions/stakeholders.

"Therefore, AP II cooperates with state supervisory institutions including the High Court, KPK and BPKP to carry out various corruption prevention programs. We must collaborate in preventing corruption, One Unified Build an Anti-Corruption Culture," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Muhammad Awaluddin said AP II adhered to the 4 No's principle as a guideline for integrity in carrying out its duties, namely: No Bribery (no bribes, bribes and extortion), then No Kickback (no commissions, thanks and give-aways). then No Gift (no unnatural gifts), and No Luxurious Hospitality (no excessive entertainment).

In line with that, he continued, AP II already has initiatives to prevent fraud, bribery and corruption.

The initiative is carried out through the board of directors regulations regarding good corporate governance (GCG), whistleblowing system, code of conduct, management control system guidelines, probity audit guidelines for goods/services procurement, policies on reporting obligations and information disclosure, guidelines for filling out State Officials Asset Reports (LHKPN), and guidelines for managing and controlling gratuities.

AP II has also implemented an anti-bribery management system (SMAP) which was certified ISO 37001:2016 in December 2020, which later in November 2021 also AP II was declared to have passed the ISO 37001:2016 surveillance audit without any findings, both major and minor. In addition, AP II strengthens the whistle blowing system through integration with the KPK.

“Through these various regulations and programs, AP II already has an integrated and more complete corruption prevention system. Of course, we will perfect these regulations and programs on an ongoing basis," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

AP II President Commissioner Agus Santoso said that AP II should not have the slightest doubt in fighting corruption.

"So that we can achieve the vision of becoming the best airport management company in the region," said Agus Santoso.

The 2021 Hakordia Commemoration Apple Ceremony, which was held by AP II, was also attended by the Coordinator of Corruption Prevention II, Directorate of Investigation II, Deputy for Investigation of BPKP Iswahyudi and Head of the Banten High Prosecutor's Office, Reda Manthovani.

Coordinator of Corruption Prevention II, Iswahyudi, on this occasion appreciated AP II's steps in preventing corruption.

"We really appreciate what AP II has done. We know that one of the causes of corruption is when there is an opportunity, this is what AP II tries to close by creating a climate, rules, tools, to prevent corruption," said Iswahyudi.

Furthermore, Iswahyudi said the collaboration between BPKP and AP II had gone well on many occasions in efforts to prevent corruption.

"Our appreciation from BPKP for AP II, to tackle and prevent corruption," said Iswahudi.

At the same event, the Head of the Banten High Prosecutor's Office, Reda Manthovani, said that efforts to prevent corruption must always be strengthened.

He hopes that AP II can be an example for other SOEs to build an anti-corruption culture.

"I hope that AP II can become a pilot project for SOEs to build an anti-corruption culture with the maximum and massive implementation of good corporate governance in order to achieve an accountable and corruption-free SOE," said Reda Manthovani.

Anti-Corruption Commitment
To coincide with the 2021 Hakordia Commemoration, AP II also renewed the Anti-Corruption Commitment of Angkasa Pura II Group.

The commitment that must be obeyed by all AP II personnel, including its subsidiaries, consists of 7 points, which basically prioritizes transparency and prevention of corruption, fraud, and bribery, to the consequences if they violate these provisions.