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  • The Use of PeduliLindung at AP II Airport Passed 1 Million Times for Flight Departure and Arrival Processes


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The Use of PeduliLindung at AP II Airport Passed 1 Million Times for Flight Departure and Arrival Processes

21 Sep 2021

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) fully supports the use of the PeduliLindung application at airports managed by the company.

AP II collaborates with stakeholders, namely airlines, the Ministry of Health's Port Health Office (KKP Kemenkes) and the Air Task Force for COVID-19 Handling to prepare facilities and human resources for the implementation of PeduliLindungi at airports.

Through various preparations and good collaborations, the use of PeduliLindungi at AP II airport is increasingly optimal to support health protocols in the air transportation sector in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, where in the period August 1 - September 19 2021 the PeduliLindung application has been used about 1 million times by aircraft passengers to process flights (departures and arrivals).

The largest number of uses of the PeduliLindung application in the AP II environment was at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, around 600,000 times during that period.

"Since August 1, 2021, AP II airport has requested that prospective flight passengers use the PeduliLindung application to process flight departures. This is in line with the Circular Letter of the Minister of Health Number 847/2021 concerning the Digitization of Health Documents for Air Transport Users who are Integrated with the Cares for Protect Applications," said President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin.

PeduliLindung contains user health documents (vaccination cards and COVID-19 test results) which are a requirement to fly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the AP II airport, prospective aircraft passengers process departures by showing the QR Code PeduliLindung to Ministry of Health KKP personnel and at the check-in counter to ensure that the health document requirements are met. This process eliminates the potential for falsification of health documents.

Furthermore, Muhammad Awaluddin said, "In addition to being used to process flight departures, the PeduliLindung application is also used to process arrivals at AP II airport, where airplane passengers must show the eHAC QR Code in the PeduliLindung application."

Meanwhile, AP II prepares supporting facilities for the PeduliLindung application in accordance with the characteristics and building designs of each AP II airport.

"At Sultan Thaha Airport, Jambi, an autogate has been prepared that can open if a prospective passenger shows the QR Code PeduliLindung. Meanwhile, at Soekarno-Hatta and Kualanamu Airports there are quite a number of machines that can be used by prospective airplane passengers to ensure that the health documents at PeduliLindung meet the requirements so that they can go directly to the check-in counter for verification, "explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Meanwhile, at AP II airports, personnel from the Ministry of Health's Port Health Office (KKP) are still tasked with providing assistance and verifying health documents if a prospective passenger experiences an issue related to the use of the PeduliLindung application.

Every day, AP II directly monitors the number of prospective passengers using PeduliLindungi, including the number of digital validations that have been successfully carried out to process departures.

International arrival
In accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of Transportation Number 74/2021, passengers from abroad who land must now also fill out the International eHAC form contained in the PeduliLindung application.

Meanwhile, based on the Decree of the Head of the COVID-19 Handling Task Force Number 13/2021, it is currently stipulated that the arrival of airplane passengers from abroad to Indonesia is only carried out through two airports, one of which is Soekarno-Hatta Airport managed by AP II.

Meanwhile, at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the International eHAC contained in the PeduliLindung application belonging to aircraft passengers will be verified by the Ministry of Health's KKP personnel.