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Important for Airplane Passengers at AP II Airport, e-HAC Charging Now Through PeduliLindung Application

01 Sep 2021

The stand-alone e-HAC application is deprecated

Jakarta - All PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) airports operate by implementing applicable regulations, including the Circular Letter of the Minister of Transportation Number SE 62 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Traveling Domestic People by Air Transportation During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Based on the circular letter, every domestic person/passenger traveler who uses air transportation is required to fulfill a number of provisions, including filling out Indonesian e-HAC at the departure airport, to be shown to the health officer at the destination/arrival airport.

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Health's statement, the public should download the PeduliLindung application and take advantage of the e-HAC feature in it, as well as delete the old e-HAC application.

"The Ministry of Health informs that the stand-alone e-HAC application is no longer used, replaced with the e-HAC feature in the PeduliLindung application. In line with that, airplane passengers can fill in the e-HAC at PeduliLindungi, which will then be verified by the Ministry of Health's Port Health Office officer at AP II airport, "explained VP of Corporate Communication AP II Yado Yarismano.

In line with this, the PeduliLindung application can simplify the flight process for people who have to travel in urgent circumstances in the midst of a pandemic.

"AP II Airport fully supports PeduliLindungi, where we have prepared various supporting infrastructure for the use of the application," said Yado Yarismano.

As is known, the PeduliLindung application which can be downloaded on iOS and Android is now also used at all AP II airports to process departures.

Prospective flight passengers who already have a digital vaccination card and digital COVID-19 test results in the PeduliLindung account can go directly to the check-in counter to process departure.

“There is no need to carry paper documents anymore, because the vaccination card and COVID-19 test results are already available at PeduliLindung. We urge prospective airplane passengers to carry out COVID-19 tests in laboratories or health facilities that are integrated with the Ministry of Health's allrecord-tc-19 (New All Record/NAR) application, so that the results can be sent directly to the PeduliLindung account," Yado Yarismano explained.