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Leading Digital, This is the Positive Impact of Implementing Technology at AP II Airport

28 Aug 2021

In the midst of this pandemic, AP II has succeeded in increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) continuously implements technology to support operational, service, security and safety aspects at all airports it manages.

The implementation of technology is in line with digital transformation with the concept of New Experience through (X) Technology Airport 4.0 or called NEXT Airport 4.0.

President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin said the airport with the NEXT Airport 4.0 concept was an airport of the future that always follows developments and adopts the latest technology (advance technology).

"The implementation of digitalization at AP II airports is currently around 50-60% for service and operational aspects. This percentage will increase rapidly because now AP II has the resources and digital infrastructure that supports it," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

In line with digital transformation, AP II has developed a model, namely the Digitally Ready for Operational and Infostructure Development (DROID) Model as the backbone for the implementation of NEXT Airport 4.0.

Through the DROID Model, AP II introduced three mobile platforms, namely the travelin application for service to passengers (customer experience/CX), then the iPerform application for operations (operational excellent/OX), and Pocket Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) as an application for collaboration. between airport stakeholders (ecosystem exploration/EX).

The positive impacts of implementing the three platforms include:

1. travelin (customer experience/CX)
- The travelin application contributes to increasing customer/traveler satisfaction based on the Airport Service Quality Survey (ASQ Survey) held by Airport Council International (ACI).

The average ASQ Survey score at AP II airport in 2016 was 4.00 out of a scale of 5; then 2017 rose to 4.68, then 2018 to 4.76, rose again in 2019 to 4.87, and the highest in 2020 was 4.90. In fact, the ASQ Survey score for Soekarno-Hatta Airport in 2020 was almost perfect at 4.98 out of a scale of 5.

- travelin is able to digitize COVID-19 test services at AP II (Airport Health Center) airports, especially for ordering digital test services.

2. iPerform (operational excellence/EX)
iPerform is a special application for AP II employees that has features to support daily work, and in the midst of this pandemic it has become a mainstay for efficiency, including:
- AP II's employee expense savings reached Rp90 billion in Semester I/2021 compared to the budget (RKAP 2021), in line with a number of jobs that can be done through iPerform so that employees' physical mobility is reduced, then competency development programs are now carried out online including through iPerform, and other activities.

- iPerform can monitor the optimization of facilities at the airport to ensure operational efficiency. In Semester I/2021, electricity usage efficiency at AP II airport averaged 42% per month and water efficiency averaged 52% per month, compared to normal conditions.

3. Pocket ACDM (ecosystem exploration/EX)
- The Pocket ACDM application makes collaboration among all airport stakeholders related to aircraft operations on the air side work well to improve flight predictability, increase on-time performance (OTP) and maximize flight slots.

- The implementation of ACDM in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has made Soekarno-Hatta Airport able to continue to operate well for 24 hours serving various flights under any conditions, amidst the dynamics of flight traffic.

"The application of technology and the use of 3 mobile platforms makes the management of AP II airports efficient, optimal and resilient in every condition, including responding to the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

AP II also has adequate technology infrastructure to quickly support new regulations, especially in the midst of this pandemic, such as the obligation to use the PeduliLindung application for airplane passengers to process flight departures.

In fact, at Sultan Thaha Airport (Jambi) currently an autogate has been operated which is integrated with PeduliLindungi. Every prospective passenger who wants to enter the terminal must show the PeduliLindung QR Code at the autogate. If the prospective passenger has met the requirements for a vaccination card and a COVID-19 test certificate, the autogate will be open for passengers to continue the check-in process.

AP II is currently undergoing the second curve of digital transformation, called Transformation 2.0 (2020 - 2024) to achieve its vision as an Airport Enterprise Leader in the Region.