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  • Indonesia Smart Airport Forum 2021 Encourages Acceleration of Digitization and Increased Collaboration in the Aviation and Tourism Sector in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


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Indonesia Smart Airport Forum 2021 Encourages Acceleration of Digitization and Increased Collaboration in the Aviation and Tourism Sector in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

18 Aug 2021

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, held the Indonesia Smart Airport Forum (ISAF) 2021 webinar entitled 'Accelerating Smart-Airport Implementation, Enhancing Travel Experiences' which involved 5 elements (pentahelix) namely government, academics, community, media and business circles, including from global associations, one of which is the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The implementation of ISAF 2021 was opened by the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi.

"I hope this forum can generate new ideas, both in terms of flow, business, and technology that can be developed, and synergized with all transportation and tourism stakeholders in Indonesia, which in turn can support economic improvement in Indonesia," said the Minister of Transportation.

Since its opening, ISAF 2021 has been attended by quite a number of participants up to around 750 participants via Zoom.

President Director of AP II Muhammad Awaluddin was the opening speaker and conveyed the importance of collaboration to grow the aviation and tourism industry and respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Airports can no longer think of a single-based operation. The concept of airport operations must be ecosystem based operations for more efficient and effective airport and flight operations.”

"AP II will launch a mobile-based Pocket A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) platform so that all stakeholders can collaborate closely on operational aspects anywhere and anytime," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

In the same place, Vice President Director of AP II Edwin Hidayat said Tourism and Supporting BUMN Holding will encourage collaboration in the industry.

"Airlines, Airports, Tourism Destinations are closely related, they must be well orchestrated," said Edwin, who is also the Director of Project Management Office (PMO) of Tourism and Supporting SOEs.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology (Dirjen SDPPI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information Ismail said at ISAF 2021 that in the midst of this pandemic, it was the right momentum to accelerate the application of technology.

“Stakeholder support is needed, the first is connectivity or telecommunication infrastructure. In our opinion, the airport is very important and the place that should be the first or priority for implementing the 5G network because later there will be many business activities and so on that can be utilized, not to mention the crowd area because here [the airport] has a large number of people at a certain point, "said Ismail. .

Associate Director Arthur D Little Consultant Management Rick Russel revealed that the implementation of smart airports can speed up processes at airports, such as the drop-off and bag tag processes (34% faster), security check point queues (60% faster), security checks (17 % faster) and arrivals (20% faster).

The Head of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Hammam Riza, said at ISAF 2021 that the implementation of technology provided a sense of security and comfort at the airport in the midst of a pandemic.

“Crowd control technology can support smart airports. This technology predicts density [at the passenger terminal], which can be used in an effective decision-making process, helping to control crowds at the airport,” said Hamamm Riza.

Meanwhile, Manager, Member & External Relations, Asia Pacific - International Air Transport Association (IATA) KarLeong Sum revealed that the survey results stated that prospective airplane passengers expected a digital system to store and verify health documents to facilitate travel.

Aviation Observer Gerry Soejatman highlighted the importance of digitalization on the air side through the application of the right ACDM software.

Meanwhile, Professor of the Bandung Institute of Technology Prof. Dr. Ir Suhono Harso Supangkat, M. Eng said that his colleague Professor Kijima from the Tokyo Institute of Technology provided input that the implementation of smartization must produce smart values, namely convenience, comfort, efficiency, and eco-friendly. -friendliness), where it all completes the basic values ​​or basic needs, namely safety, security, credibility and reliability.

"In the context of developing smartness, there are 3 important things: sensing, understanding, acting," he explained.

From the discussion, ISAF 2021 concluded 3 things to encourage the growth of the aviation and tourism industry, including recovery from the impact of the pandemic, namely: increasing collaboration among stakeholders; accelerate the implementation of smart airports and digitization of tourism services; regulatory support for the adaptation of new habits.