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iPerform Application, AP II's Mainstay Weapon Becomes a Digital-Based Company

10 Jul 2021

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) as the manager of 20 airports has carried out various transformations to become a company that is ready to implement digitalization (digitally-ready enterprise) in service and operational lines.

The products of this transformation include an integrated digital platform called DROID (Digitally Ready for Operational and Infostructure Development).

In DROID there are 3 applications, namely travelin for customer experience, Pocket Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) for coordination of stakeholders at the airport (Ecosystem Based Operation), and iPerform application for AP II employees to maintain airport operational reliability (operational excellence). , reliability of airport services (services excellence) and business performance (business excellence).

AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said of the three applications, the iPerform application plays a vital role in maintaining airport operations and bringing AP II into a digital-based company.

“AP II is an airport operator that prioritizes digitalization in the organization, one of which is through iPerform which is used by around 6,000 employees every day. Thanks to iPerform, we are also able to face the challenges of COVID-19."

“iPerform features are designed so that employees can work remotely. This makes us ready and strong to face the COVID-19 pandemic, including in the midst of Emergency PPKM, which forces us to maintain distance, reduce mobility, and make airport operational adjustments," Muhammad Awaluddin said.

One of the features in iPerform is the Smart Airport Dashboard to monitor services and facilities to ensure services excellence.

Smart Airport Dashboard displays a number of data such as related to passenger baggage services. This service data includes conveyor belt utilization and on time delivery of checked baggage from the plane to the baggage claim area at the terminal.

"Monitoring the handling of aircraft passenger baggage in real time through iPerform allows us to maintain service standards, where we determine that the first baggage must be in the baggage claim area in less than 10 minutes, for Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft with a parking position near the terminal. or a contact stand,” explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

The Smart Airport Dashboard on iPerform also displays check-in counter utilization data, so that AP II airports can keep a traveler waiting time in the queue at a maximum of less than 30 minutes, and the processing time at the check-in desk less than 2 minutes 30 seconds.

"Waiting time in the queue and the process at the check-in desk is always monitored to strive to meet the best standards, because this point is very vital to create a seamless journey experience for travelers," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Smart Airport Dashboard in iPerform also displays flight data to maintain operational excellence, such as real time data on parking stand usage.

"We can directly find out the utilization of parking stands and this is very useful especially at Soekarno-Hatta Airport which has a lot of aircraft parking locations, there are at least 270 parking stands there. Through this data, we make arrangements for aircraft parking properly and also support the high level of on time performance (OTP) flights. At Soekarno-Hatta Airport, there are no longer long queues of planes," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

The iPerform application also has an Aeronautical Daily Billing dashboard to maintain the company's business (business excellence).

“This Aeronautical Daily Billing dashboard provides real time flight data, such as the total weight of aircraft that have landed at AP II airport, information on the use of aircraft parking, and the use of aerobridges. Based on these data, this dashboard directly calculates the nominal service fee that will be paid to AP II by service users, so that we can predict revenue quickly in order to maintain business excellence, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Support Emergency PPKM
In the midst of Emergency PPKM 3 - 20 July, the iPerform application also supports AP II in managing HR with the FIERA (Field Service Management) feature to optimize personnel on duty at the airport.

Regarding HR, iPerform strongly supports employee protection programs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic through various features such as mobile learning so that employees can continue to receive training, as well as the health observation report feature for tracing systems in the midst of a pandemic, and so on.

"Through digitization through iPerform, AP II employees can work remotely and more concisely, and are very helpful in the midst of Emergency PPKM so that we can implement the 75% WHF policy for the back office," said Muhammad Awaluddin.