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Stakeholder Collaboration Successfully Increases Utilization and Productivity of Jenderal Besar Soedirman Airport

13 Jun 2021

Jakarta - Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport in Purbalingga Regency is a good example of the spirit of cross-agency collaboration in presenting a new airport to strengthen air connectivity and support economic growth for the local community.

PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said all stakeholders synergize with each other for the same goal, namely to support the economy and mobility of the people of Central Java, especially in the western and southern parts.

"AP II as the manager of General Besar Sudirman Airport would like to thank all stakeholders who have fully supported airport operations for commercial flights," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

General Besar Sudirman Airport operations cannot be separated from the role of the Indonesian Air Force which contributes land in the General Sudirman Airbase; then the Central Java Provincial Government which supports land acquisition for the runway; then the Purbalingga Regency Government which supports the construction of road access, land acquisition, drainage rehabilitation & temporary terminals; and AirNav Indonesia which built the navigation tower; Pertamina, which is ready to provide fuel for the aircraft; and AP II which builds runways, taxiways, aprons, and airport operations.

This collaboration is able to accelerate the productivity of General Besar Sudirman Airport.

As a newly built airport and in the development stage, this airport can be productive quickly by paying attention to security, safety, service, through compliance with various regulations (security, safety, service through compliance or 3S+1C).

It does not stop here, stakeholders are now increasingly collaborating to increase airport utilization and productivity.

While accompanying President Joko Widodo to review General Besar Sudirman Airport on Friday, June 11, 2021, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said the routes that had been opened were Jakarta - Purbalingga - Surabaya and Surabaya - Purbalingga - Jakarta by Citilink with each 4 flight movements each on Thursday and Saturday.

"The airline that flies is Citilink with flights from Jakarta - Purbalingga then Purbalingga - Surabaya and back on the same day, so there are 4 take offs and landings [on 1 day]," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Muhammad Awaluddin said the public's enthusiasm was quite high where the load factor for the route to and from Jakarta when it was just opened reached 70% and has now increased to 80%. Meanwhile, the route to and from Surabaya, from around 25% when it was just opened, has now increased to around 40%.

Efforts to increase airport utilization do not stop, and thanks to collaboration among stakeholders, at the end of June 2021 there will be new flights at Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport.

Lion Air Group through Wings Air has stated that it will open a new route, namely Jakarta - Purbalingga - Semarang and vice versa.

"The meeting has been held, and in the near future at the end of June 2021 it is planned that Lion Air Group through Wings Air will open the Jakarta - Purbalingga - Semarang and Semarang - Purbalingga - Jakarta routes. We are grateful for the close collaboration of all stakeholders so that the utilization and productivity of General Besar Sudirman Airport continues to increase, while airport development is still continuing, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

Muhammad Awaluddin added, "With the addition of routes from and to Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport, we hope to be able to further support community activities, including supporting MSMEs in Purbalingga and the surrounding area."

Purbalingga Regent Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi said all parties must collaborate and work together to further advance Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport.

“The process of building this airport has a long history, started 15 years ago and finally the Purbalingga people's big dream of owning this airport on June 1 has come true. Of course, this airport is made for the whole community, and we still have homework to do together so that this airport can grow and there are more flights," said the Regent of Purbalingga.

“Tourism is a potential sector for almost all regencies/cities in the west-south part of Central Java. Hopefully, the existence of this airport as a support in the future can have a significant impact, a good impact for the welfare of the community, especially in the west-south part of Central Java, "said the Regent of Purbalingga.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi also said that collaboration between stakeholders could always be improved.