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  • AP II Activates General Besar Sudirman Airport Starting June 1, 2021, 15 Years Ago's Dream Comes True


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AP II Activates General Besar Sudirman Airport Starting June 1, 2021, 15 Years Ago's Dream Comes True

01 Jun 2021

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) announced the activation of General Besar Sudirman Airport in Purbalingga, Central Java, starting today June 1, 2021. The airport is active to welcome the first commercial flight operations on June 3, 2021.

AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said that AP II had fulfilled the Airport Certificate (SBU) Number 0163/SBU-DBU/IV/2021 as the operator of Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport in accordance with the provisions of PM 83 of 2017 concerning Airports (Aerodrome), in line with the following requirements have been met:

- Facilities according to technical and operating standards (Manual of Standard) Volume I Airport and Volume IV Aviation Accident Assistance and Fire Fighting (PK-PPK)
- Airport operating guidelines (Aerodrome manual), airport operation safety management (Airport Emergency Plan), and emergency response plans to ensure safety
- Airport security program approved by the Directorate of Aviation Security (Airport Security Program)
- Information about this airport certificate is provided to the appropriate aeronautical information service for dissemination in Aeronautic Information Publication (AIP).

"In line with the issuance of a permit from the Ministry of Transportation, I hereby declare that starting June 1, 2021, General Sudirman Airport will be in In Active Operation status," said Muhammad Awaluddin at Jenderal Besar Soedirman Airport.

Airside facilities that are 100% ready are runway 1,600 x 30 meters and apron 69 x 103 meters to serve ATR-72 aircraft and category 5 PKP-PK facilities.

Standard airport service facilities are also available at the 20 x 20 meter passenger terminal.

On this day, June 1, a simulation was also conducted to welcome the operation of the inaugural commercial flight, including Citilink's proving flight.

"AP II together with stakeholders have held simulations several times, and today is the last and comprehensive simulation to ensure overall airport operational readiness including the implementation of passenger departure and arrival protocols, aircraft movements on the air side, flight operations, to related land and area transportation. commercial," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

This simulation has been carried out many times so that the airport can meet the provisions, especially regarding the service process time at each service point.

As for the results of airport operational simulations that have been carried out several times, including today using the proving flight QG-1856, the departure process takes 14 minutes from the airport service starting point. Meanwhile, the process from when passengers land to exit the terminal takes 30 minutes.

"From the simulations carried out, the services at Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport have met the provisions in accordance with PM 178 of 2015 concerning Service User Standards," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

15 years dream
In the same place, namely at Jenderal Besar Soedirman Airport Terminal, Purbalingga Regent Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi said that the existence of Jenderal Besar Soedirman Airport has long been the dream of the Purbalingga people.

"Today coincides with the Birthday of Pancasila, which recorded history for the Purbalingga district. The big dream that was initiated 15 years ago has now come true,” explained Regent Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi.

The Regent said that this airport is not only for the people of Purbalingga Regency. "This airport was made not only for the people of Purbalingga Regency, but also for the people of the Regency in Southern Central Java."

Meanwhile, President Director of Citilink Juliandra said "Alhamdulillah, Citilink is the first airline to make a history of carrying out commercial flights at Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport, which God willing, will operate commercially on June 3, 2021. Today, Citilink is conducting the final simulation to ensure the readiness of all passenger flight operations at Jenderal Besar Sudirman Airport, so that on June 3, 2021, the services provided by both Citilink and other stakeholders are maximized."

Citilink operates the Surabaya – Purbalingga and Jakarta (HLP) – Purbalingga routes twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays using the ATR 72-600.

Director of Operations for AirNav Indonesia Mokhammad Khatim said procedures related to flight traffic had been prepared well.

General Besar Sudirman Airport was built from scratch on vacant land by AP II since three years ago and will continue to be developed until it has a passenger terminal with a capacity of 300,000 passengers/year.