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  • Keep going up! August, the number of passenger movements at 19 PT Angkasa Pura II airports penetrates 2 million people


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Keep going up! August, the number of passenger movements at 19 PT Angkasa Pura II airports penetrates 2 million people

29 Aug 2020

Jakarta - In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, flight traffic in the third quarter of 2020 at 19 PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) airports has continued to recover.

On 1 - 28 August 2020, the number of passenger movements reached 1.90 million people, or compared to July 2020, passenger movements jumped 41% compared to 1 - 28 July 2020 which only 1.34 million passenger movements. Meanwhile, aircraft movements rose 17% to 22,540 flights and cargo volume was stable at 44.26 million kilograms.

Especially at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, which is the largest and busiest airport in Indonesia, the number of passenger movements reached 1.10 million people, an increase of about 40% from the previous 794,971 people. Aircraft movements rose 18% to 12,983 flights, and cargo transport volume increased 1% to 35.16 million kilograms.

PT Angkasa Pura II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said the existing trend shows the number of aircraft passenger movements at 19 airports in August will exceed 2 million people.

If it reaches 2 million people, the passengers in August will increase by around 500,000 people compared to July 2020.

“In August, the number of passengers is estimated to reach 2 million people or the highest monthly since the global pandemic COVID-19. The efforts of PT Angkasa Pura II together with stakeholders have been seen in stimulating flights, namely through the utilization of flight slots, reactivating flight routes / destinations and increasing flight frequency. "

"Air traffic is getting better and PT Angkasa Pura II, together with stakeholders, is committed to getting ready to implement and maintain strict health protocols," Muhammad Awaluddin explained.

Furthermore, Muhammad Awaluddin said that the increase in the number of flights and aircraft passengers in the third quarter of 2020 was inseparable from PT Angkasa Pura II's efforts to return to its core business (back to the core business).

Returning to the core business is one of the company's strategies to maintain company stability amidst the great challenges caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

"This year is not an expansion year, but how we are able to maintain company stability. Focusing on the core business to maintain revenue streams is one of the strategies to maintain company stability, ”explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

Recovery Quarter IV / 2020

In the fourth quarter of 2020, PT Angkasa Pura II projects that the recovery of flight traffic will continue. The number of airplane passengers by the end of this year is estimated to reach around 4-5 million passengers per month.

Muhammad Awaluddin said that with the Safe Travel Campaign that is always being promoted by PT Angkasa Pura II and stakeholders, it is hoped that public trust in national aviation can be maintained and grow even more amid this pandemic.

"Public trust is the most important asset for the national aviation sector. Therefore, 19 airports of PT Angkasa Pura II strictly enforce health protocols that refer to national and global standards, supported by all stakeholders. "

Safe Travel Campaign launched by PT Angkasa Pura II since July 2020 and will continue until December 2020.