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These are 3 Strategies of PT Angkasa Pura II that have Successfully Excited Aviation, Check the Facts!

23 Aug 2020

Jakarta - The aviation sector plays an important role in supporting the national economic recovery (PEN) amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

President Director of PT Angkas Pura II (Persero) Muhammad Awaluddin said air transportation has 3 advantages compared to other modes of transportation. First, flexibility, marked by the large number of movements, for example if there is a large enough demand, the airline will definitely open routes or increase flight frequency.

"Second, aviation also has a capacity that is characterized by a capacity / carrying capacity that is quite large and can be mobilized quickly. Third, connectivity, where the air transportation mode is the fastest and most efficient mode of transportation to open access to and from an area, especially Indonesia which is an archipelagic country, "Muhammad Awaluddin explained.

Following these 3 things, PT Angkasa Pura II and stakeholders in the midst of this pandemic are focused on reviving flights at 19 airports.

"The strategy we have set is to return to the core business [back to the core business], namely the aeronautics business. Together with stakeholders, PT Angkasa Pura II implemented three strategies, namely increasing the utilization of flight slots, reactivating routes that were closed due to the pandemic, and increasing the frequency of flights on active routes. At the same time, we are also running a Safe Travel Campaign to give confidence to the community, ”said Muhammad Awaluddin.

"We have implemented the three strategies since July 2020 or about 3-4 months since the first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia. We seek to drive demand through supply. And the result, in July - August, indicators show that flight recovery at 19 PT Angkasa Pura II airports has been seen, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

The success of the strategy to drive demand / demand through supply which has been implemented since July 2020, can be seen at the largest and busiest airport in Indonesia, namely Soekarno-Hatta Airport, as follows:

1. Flight slot utilization increased by 99%
At Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in April - June the average flight time slot utilization was quite low, only 16 percent. Meanwhile, during July and August 1-21, the average slot time utilization increased by 99% or 32% (21,853 slots were used by airlines out of the 66,595 available flight slots).

2. Routes opened up 24%
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in the midst of this pandemic has 83 scheduled flight routes.
During April - June 2020 the average flight route opened was only around 50.5% per month, then increased during July and August 1-21 to 62.3% per month.

"From this data, in July - August 2020 the routes opened increased by 24% compared to April - June 2020," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

3.Flight frequency increased 31%
On active routes, airlines during July and August 1-21 have started to increase flight frequency, for example from 2 times a week to daily, or from only once a day to 2 times a day for one flight route per airline.

Muhammad Awaluddin said that the utilization of flight slots had increased, more routes / destinations were opened, as well as an increase in flight frequency, followed by an increase in the number of aircraft passengers.

"The strategy we have implemented with stakeholders is quite successful, namely increasing the utilization of flight slots, reactivating routes, and increasing flight frequency. However, we will continue to strive so that flight traffic can increase and the aviation sector can optimally support economic recovery. "

"The indicators of the recovery in flight traffic, which means that the demand / demand has improved from the public, is not only at Soekarno-Hatta Airport but also at other PT Angkasa Pura II airports," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

The airports currently managed by PT Angkasa Pura II are Soekarno-Hatta (Tangerang), Halim Perdanakusuma (Jakarta), Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II (Palembang), Kualanamu (Deli Serdang), Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Pekanbaru), Silangit ( North Tapanuli).

Then, Raja Haji Fisabilillah (Tanjung Pinang), Supadio (Pontianak), Banyuwangi, Radin Inten II (Lampung), Husein Sastranegara (Bandung), Depati Amir (Pangkalpinang), Sultan Thaha (Jambi), HAS Hanandjoeddin (Belitung), Tjilik Riwut (Palangkaraya) and Kertajati.