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Top 5 Information Most Frequently Asked by the Community to PT Angkasa Pura II Regarding Flights in the Middle of Pandemic COVID-19

03 Jun 2020

Jakarta - WHO established COVID-19 as a global pandemic in March 2020 and since then the Indonesian government released a number of procedures to tighten health & hygiene aspects, including for the aviation sector.

Various procedures are carried out at PT Angkasa Pura II airport. Soekarno-Hatta Airport could be the most widely carried out various flight procedures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to keep procedures complied with, PT Angkasa Pura II actively promotes procedures to prospective aircraft passengers through the website and the company's social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

PT Angkasa Pura II EGM of Airport Service Division Anindita Galuh Wardhani said that if the public needs further explanation about the procedures at the company's airport, they can contact the company through the Angkasa Pura II account (Facebook), @ contactap2 (Twitter), angkasapura2 (Instagram), email at, whatsapp at 0811984138, Airport 138 contact center, and Virtual Customer Assistant (VICA) which can be accessed via smartphones and the company's website.

"In May 2020 there were around 6,000 questions that were asked about various things, including procedures at the AP II airport in the middle of a pandemic. In general, there are 5 information that is most frequently asked about the procedure, "Anindita said.

Here are the top 5 questions related to procedures at the airport in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic most frequently asked to PT Angkasa Pura II, as well as a brief explanation for information for the public:

1. Procedure for the arrival of Indonesian citizens and foreigners from abroad
In accordance with the Minister of Health Circular Number HK.02.01 / MENKES / 313/2020, the procedures that must be followed by international flight passengers when arriving at the airport are:
Additional health check:
a. Interview
b. Examination of temperature, signs and symptoms of COVID-19
c. Oxygen saturation check,
d. Rapid test and / or PCR examination (for those who do not carry a health certificate with a negative PCR result that is still valid).

2. Quarantine procedures for passengers from abroad
In accordance with the Minister of Health's SE Number HK.02.01 / MENKES / 313/2020, stipulated:
a. Citizens with the results of a non-reactive rapid test are carried out quarantine at quarantine facilities / facilities prepared by the government or other parties. Transportation facilities from the airport to the quarantine facility were prepared by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19. Quarantine lasts until the results of PCR examination (if carried out in quarantine facilities / facilities) are negative COVID-19, or the results of a Rapid Test re-examination on days 7 to 10 are non-reactive.
b. Indonesian citizens with reactive rapid test results or COVID-19 positive PCR examination results, are referred to the Emergency Hospital / Referral Hospital.

3. Domestic flight procedures
Referring to Circular of Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 No. 05/2020, those who are allowed to travel on domestic routes are those who fall into the category of exclusion by showing documents:

a. Letter of assignment for employees of BUMN / BUMD / UPT / Satker / Non-governmental organizations / business institutions
b. Show a RT-PCR test (negative results) valid for 7 days or a rapid test (non-reactive results) that is valid for 3 days upon departure
c. Symptom-free certificate such as influenza (influenza-like illness) from doctors of hospitals / health centers for areas that do not have PCR test / rapid test facilities

In line with Pergub DKI No. 47/2020, passengers heading to Jabodetabek who landed in Soekarno-Hatta were also asked to have a SIKM.

4. Requirements for overseas flights
For people who want to travel abroad, protocols are not specifically regulated at the departure airport (origin), however, potential passengers are expected to pay attention to the procedures applicable at the arrival airport (destination) and meet the requirements set in the country.

5. What is PT Angkasa Pura II doing in COVID-19 prevention
PT Angkasa Pura II, together with other stakeholders, intensively coordinated to carry out procedures established by the government to prioritize and tighten health and hygiene protocols for each visitor and passenger of the aircraft.
PT Angkasa Pura II also activates thermal scanners, equipping personnel with thermo guns, providing more hand sanitizers at airports, requiring the use of masks, periodically spraying disinfectants at airports and passenger luggage.

"We will continue to disseminate through the media that we have regarding the provisions that apply in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In full, the public can also find out details about the provisions contained in circulars issued by the government, "said Anindita.