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  • Reviewing the Tangerang Flood Victims Support Post, the Minister of State Owned Enterprise with Angkasa Pura II Ensures that Aid is Distributed to All Victims


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Reviewing the Tangerang Flood Victims Support Post, the Minister of State Owned Enterprise with Angkasa Pura II Ensures that Aid is Distributed to All Victims

05 Jan 2020

Tangerang - SOE Minister Erick Thohir reviewed the location of floods in Tangerang Regency, precisely in Teluk Naga District. Erick also monitored the distribution of aid through the BUMN flood management post established by Angkasa Pura II, PT INKA, Airnav Indonesia, PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia, and PT Sarinah.

On this occasion, Erick said that the Ministry of BUMN will do its utmost to be able to provide the best for residents affected by flooding and he also tried to ensure that all victims have received assistance.

"We from the Ministry of SOEs will work together to relieve the burden of flood victims. I will make sure all the help is channeled properly. All victims must receive this assistance, "Erick said.

In the effort of channeling this assistance it is necessary to collaborate with all parties so that citizens can get help easily and there are no more complaints related to the distribution of aid.

"I appreciate the cohesiveness of the Cross SOE Flood Handling Team, this is an example of bumn synergy by involving the private sector and related stakeholders very well. Angkasa Pura II as the Tangerang area coordinator is proactive in this regard and I appreciate the cohesiveness of the team at this post," continued Erick.

In line with the statement of the Minister of SOEs, the Inter-BUMN Flood Management Team for the Tangerang Region has distributed a number of household needs to residents who are still in refugee camps. In addition, there are also health service posts that are equipped with the help of health workers such as doctors, ambulances and Trauma Healing Center.

"That is why we need to coordinate with all elements, including the Tangerang Regency government and its equipment. Residents have also said that there are some things that need to be improved so that this disaster does not recur as repairs of dykes and dams, clean water needs. School equipment for children "There is also a must. Public kitchens have also been added and can prepare 2,000 food packages. The important thing is to keep clean," Erick concluded

Meanwhile Tangerang Regency Secretary Moch. Maesyal Rasyid expressed his gratitude and thanks to the BUMNs who have helped the people of Tangerang Regency who were affected by the flood disaster in the Teluknaga region.

"Thank God, I am grateful for the care of BUMN, and I hope that this assistance will be well distributed, and that good distribution of aid will continue to coordinate with the sub-district so that it can be distributed correctly and on target," said the Secretary.

Met at the same place, President Director of Angkasa Pura II, Muhammad Awaluddin explained that the assistance of the Cross-Enterprise Flood Management Team could cover 15,000 flood victims. The value of aid that has been distributed to date reaches Rp. 261 million.

"Synergy between SOEs is able to reach 15,000 flood victims and all forms of assistance will be noted and updated. The aid that came in was not only from SOEs, but also a lot of support from communities and associations that sent aid, "Awaluddin said.

Furthermore, his party has also conducted a review and distributed aid in other areas such as Bekasi and plans to also visit Halim Perdanakusuma.

"We have also moved to the Bekasi area and the plan will also be to Halim. We will continue to be updated and proactive in distributing aid to some flood-affected areas. We have also coordinated with the trauma healing center team. Hopefully our presence can ease the burden on residents and hope that conditions can recover soon, "concluded Awaluddin.

Until now, there are still around 2,000 residents who have sought refuge in the Naga Naga Evacuation Post and overall there are 15,232 residents affected by flooding in the Tangerang Regency, consisting of 5 Subdistricts namely Bati Ceper, Cipondoh, Neglasari, Teluk Naga and Kosambi.