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  • Reviewing Runway Construction, SOE Minister: Jenderal Soedirman Airport Operates in May 2020, Regional Economy Will Grow


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Reviewing Runway Construction, SOE Minister: Jenderal Soedirman Airport Operates in May 2020, Regional Economy Will Grow

02 Oct 2019

Purbalingga - Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) encourages and ensures that the construction of General Besar Soedirman Airport, Purbalingga, Central Java goes according to plan and is targeted to operate in May 2020.

This was revealed by Minister Rini when directly observing the construction of the General Soedirman Airport Runway

in Purbalingga on Wednesday (2/10/2019).

"I am pleased that the project is going well, and we are targeting that this year's Runway can be completed and continued with other works until it is completed and can be operational by May 2020.

Thank you to the local government for collaborating and supporting this project so that the airport will be able to support air connectivity and the economy of the community "said Minister Rini.

A number of works have been carried out since May 2019 namely clearing land or land clearing for runways with a length of 1,600 meters.

Rini also added that the existence of Jenderal Besar Airport Soedirman could also support economic growth in Central Java and could accommodate investment and economic activities in Central Java.

In the same place, PT Angkasa Pura II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said, General Besar Airport Sudirman would play a significant role in boosting the economy, especially in the 5 closest regions.

"The economy in 5 regions, namely Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap and Kebumen or we are familiar with Barlingmascakeb will be more advanced with the presence of General Besar Airport Sudirman."

"The construction of General Besar Soedirman Airport was carried out really from the beginning by Angkasa Pura II. This is an honor for us, and we are optimistic that we can develop this airport to become one of the economic motors in Central Java." said Awaludin.

He added, Runway is one of the important infrastructures which is the priority of development at this time. In Phase I, the runway was built to serve the flight operations of ATR 72-600 and similar aircraft, then development was carried out to Phase III which would make the airport accessible for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 class aircraft.

The construction of the airplane passenger terminal is also carried out in stages, where in Phase I Phase I has a capacity of 98,812 passengers per year, then Phase II has a capacity of 440,440 passengers per year, then Phase III has a capacity of around 600,000 passengers per year.

In addition, the construction of phase I also included an apron to accommodate 3 ATR 71 and similar aircraft.

The airport project is located in the area of ​​the Great Indonesian Air Force Base, General Soedirman. In April 2019, AP II and the Air Force signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) so that infrastructure development could begin.

AP II and the Indonesian Air Force have also agreed on the Work Environment Area (DLKr), which is DLKr I covering an area of ​​4.42 hectares to be operated as an airport covering cargo terminals, passenger terminals, operational buildings / offices and other land side facilities.

Then, DLKr II covering an area of ​​43.5 hectares for joint use (civil and military aviation) includes runways, RESA (runway end safety areas), stopways, taxiways, PKP-PK (Aviation Accident and Fire Fighting Assistance), shared facilities, and fences airport security.