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Kertajati International Airport is Ready to Serve Passengers of Aircraft, Airlines and Cargo

01 Jul 2019

Jakarta - Kertajati International Airport is ready to serve domestic flights by jet.

All facilities and services in a number of areas such as departure and arrival, until public transportation is available when domestic flights operate in Kertajati.

PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) VP of Corporate Communications Yado Yarismano said that a number of preparations had been made so that the transfer of flights from Husein Sastranegara Airport to Kertajati proceeded smoothly and smoothly.

"We are asking for public support so that the flights in Kertajati run smoothly and according to what we expect."

"AP II as the operator of Kertajati Airport is fully committed to presenting high standards of service so that Kertajati can be a pride of the people, especially West Java," Yado Yarismano said.

Executive General Manager of Angkasa Pura II Kertajati International Airport Branch Ibut Astono said the main facilities and supporting facilities were ready to serve flights.

Ibut Astono said in the departure area, there were a large number of check-in desks which reached 26 units so that passengers could quickly process departures and support smooth flight.

"In addition to the check-in desk, there are 6 units of self-check-in machines which can further shorten the time of passengers in processing departures," said Ibut Astono.

Kertajati is also equipped with 77 units of flight information display system (FIDS) which inform the flight schedule, then to monitor the security of the airport has 294 CCTV units.

The supporting facilities at the aircraft passenger inspection location (security check point / SCP) have 12 x-ray units, 10 units of walkthrough metal detectors (WMTD), as well as dozens of handheld metal detectors.

Angkasa Pura II also operates 6 garbarata units connecting the departure terminal with the aircraft door, in order to facilitate the process of boarding passengers.

"In the arrival area, the baggage handling system (BHS) is equipped with 4 baggage claim conveyors that deliver luggage from the plane to the passengers," explained Ibut Astonoz

When arriving at Kertajati, airplane passengers can choose various alternative modes of public transportation to arrive at their final destination. To date there are 11 public transportation operators serving routes to and from Kertajati.

All public transportation operators who operate buses and travel transport also offer tariff discounts as a form of their support for the success of Kertajati and the wider community.

In terms of aviation security and safety, Kertajati is equipped with as many as 6 units of vehicles operated by the Aviation Accident and Fire Fighting Assistance (PKP-PK) unit.

Meanwhile for the air side (airside), Kertajati has 4 parking stands for wide body aircraft and 18 parking stands for medium body aircraft (narrow body). The airport also has a runway with dimensions of 3,000 m x 60 m.

On the logistics side, the cargo service area at Kertajati is also ready to operate to serve all flights, including the airline cargo business.

PT Angkasa Pura Kargo (APK), a subsidiary of AP II, manages a 2,240-meter domestic cargo warehouse in Kertajati.

Director of Angkasa Pura Kargo Denny Fikri said the cargo warehouse in Kertajati was equipped with facilities to support flight security and safety.

"This cargo warehouse managed by the APK is equipped with standard facilities to guarantee flight safety and security, such as x-ray and so on. We also make sure that this cargo warehouse is ready to support the airline's logistics business. "

"APK itself estimates that the amount of cargo to be managed in Kertajati in the first year of 2019 will reach 85,000 kg per month, assuming 20 flights per week," said Denny Fikri.
Denny Fikri said the logistics business in Kertajati in the future would be increasingly stretched in line with the increasing number of flights.

"We believe that Kertajati will be able to improve flight connectivity in West Java, to sustain economic growth and tourism. In line with that, cargo transportation will also be increasingly stretched and Angkasa Pura Cargo will be able to reach the market, "said Denny Fikri.

Kertajati Airport will begin serving domestic flights by jet on 30 June 2019. On that date, AirAsia Indonesia flights will take off (the Kertajati-Denpasar route) and Garuda Indonesia landing (the Denpasar-Kertajati route).

All domestic flights by jet will move from Husein Sastranegara to Kertajati no later than July 1, 2019.

Kertajati Airport currently has a capacity of 5 million passengers per year, and later development will be carried out until the capacity increases to around 29.3 million passengers per year.