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  • Together with Angkasa Pura II, H.A.S Airport. Hanandjoeddin is Ready to Improve the Economy of the Bangka Belitung Islands


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Together with Angkasa Pura II, H.A.S Airport. Hanandjoeddin is Ready to Improve the Economy of the Bangka Belitung Islands

21 Sep 2018

PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) together with the Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation today (9/21) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the plan for the Transfer of Management of H.A.S International Airport Management. Hanandjoeddin in the Bangka Belitung Islands.

The signing of the MoU was carried out by PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) President Director Muhammad Awaluddin and Acting. Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, M. Praminto Hadi.

The signing of this MoU was the first step for all parties to work together to support the development of the Tanjung Kelayang Special Economic Zone (KEK) in Bangka Belitung. In addition, the Government will also encourage the development of several SEZ supporting infrastructure in the tourism sector.

PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said, "according to the BUMN and Ministry of Transportation meeting that agreed to manage H.A.S International Airport. Hanandjoeddin to AP2. Thank God, we have received a positive response. After this, the cooperation process will be accelerated. This trust will be the responsibility that we will realize best. The pattern of utilization of state property assets must be carried out with GCG. We have a commitment to utilize assets to be more productive and efficient. There are mainly 2 contributions, permanent contributions and profit sharing. We have prepared a revitalization design or new terminal expansion to accommodate the growth of flight traffic and the number of passengers. At present the capacity is 250,000 passengers with passenger traffic approaching 1 million. There are also additional air side facilities such as extension of runway and runway overlay. The initial capex is 1.7 T for 4 airports including H.A.S International Airport. Hanandjoeddin. Hopefully we can always provide the best service throughout the airports that we have and will manage. "

In 2015, the airport was built with funds from Belitung Regency. Renovation of H.A.S. Airport Hanandjoedin aims to improve infrastructure in Belitung district, because Belitung Island is included in a national strategic project and is one of the 10 new Bali tourist destinations. Officially becoming an international airport in 2016, the airport renovation was completed in 2017.

H. AS International Airport. Hanandjoeddin can already be based on aircraft types Boeing 737-800 NG, 737-900 ER, and Airbus A320 where H.A.S. International Airport Hanandjoeddin also has a runway with a length of 2,500 meters.

Meanwhile, Acting Director General of Civil Aviation, M. Praminto Hadi said, "This is one of the good strategies in developing the performance of airport performance in Indonesia from time to time. I am convinced that this management transfer will be followed by various innovations such as airport modernization, flight routes will increase, IT implementation and service automation systems so that customer satisfaction always increases. This agreement is binding for 25-35 years so that the opportunity for development at the airport can be optimized. This is an opportunity for our colleagues in the area to learn to manage airports to be more aggressive so that this is a positive challenge for all parties. "

A number of plans will be carried out by PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) at H.A.S International Airport. Hanandjoeddin includes terminal development, apron and taxi way. This development is predicted to cost around Rp. 400 billion. Until now, the number of passengers per year has reached 800 thousand passengers and is targeted to be able to penetrate 3 million passengers per year.