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Angkasa Pura II Wins Digital Innovation & Transformation Award and 2019 PR Indonesia Awards

02 Apr 2019

Jakarta - 2019 Information & Digital Awards event organized by iTech Magazine awarded the "Top Digital Innovation & Transformation In Smart Airport Service" award to PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) and the award of the category "Top CEO In Service Industry 2019" to Muhammad Awaluddin as President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero).

As a form of appreciation for the successful implementation of communication information technology, Itech Magazine, which is supported by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), this year again held the 2019 Top IT & Telco award with the theme "Digital Innovation and Transformation". The award event was also supported by several national telco IT associations, as well as other institutions.

Top IT & Telco is the highest award in Indonesia given to companies, government agencies, and IT Telko vendors, which are considered successful in terms of IT & telco utilization to improve performance, business competitiveness and services in Indonesia.

Regarding this achievement, President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Muhammad Awaluddin expressed his enthusiasm for the achievement in the event which was attended by 100 institutions. Awaluddin said, "We are very grateful to the observers of service, especially in the field of innovation and technology, because this is a form of appreciation for the company's performance. Through the achievements that we have achieved, of course, it can increase Angkasa Pura II's confidence in running company programs. to continue to maintain and improve excellent service throughout the airports that we manage, "Awaluddin said.

Aside from that, Angkasa Pura II also made a positive score in the 2019 Public Relations Indonesia Awards event. Angkasa Pura II managed to get 7 awards for categories including:
1. The Most Popular Categories in Media
2. Crisis Management Category (Gold)
3. Pre Crisis Management Category (Silver)
4. Mobile Application Category "INPORT" (Silver)
5. Category Video Company Profile (Silver)
6. Category Annual Report (Silver)
7. Sustainability Report (Silver) Category

Met at the venue, Vice President of Corporate Communication, Yado Yarismano said that the award achieved by Angkasa Pura II was a reflection of the management's great commitment in maintaining the company's prime performance in displaying the best performance, especially in the public relations sector. This needs to be maintained and continuously improved every year. "This is very encouraging. This award again shows that management's commitment to always create and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders. In addition, digital-based service innovations and information disclosure that we present also bring us closer to stakeholders so that a positive impact on image company, "Yado explained.

In the fourth year of its implementation, PRIA divided the appreciation into 19 categories whose assessment was done by non-presentation and presentation. Non-presentation assessments consist of Print Media Categories, E-Magazine, Websites, Social Media, Applications, Profile Videos, Pre-crisis, Crisis, Public Relations Governance Manual, Annual Report, Sustainability Report, Brand Visual Identity. While the presentation evaluation included Sustainability Business, Community Based Development, Corporate PR, PR Marketing, PR Government, PR Department, Digital PR. The number of participants in MEN 2019 reached 476 participants, an increase compared to last year, 363 participants.