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Tjilik Riwut Airport
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Tjilik Riwut Airport

Tjilik Riwut Airport (English: Tjilik Riwut Airport) (IATA: PKY, ICAO: WAGG) also known as Palangkaraya Airport, formerly called Panarung Airport, is an airport in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. This airport is the Largest Airport in Central Kalimantan. This airport is also an embarkation for prospective pilgrims for Central Kalimantan Hajj. And now Tjilik Riwut Airport is under construction of the Lion Air Hangar and Lion Air Flight School managed by Lion Air. Next year the runway at this airport will be extended to 3,000 by 45 meters (10 ft × 148 ft) and the addition of a runway of 3,000 m. And the new terminal will also be built Tjilik Riwut Airport with an area of ​​20,553 square meters with a level two and can accommodate passengers of more than 1000 people. Tjilik Riwut Airport is proposed to be an international airport.

Previously, Tjilik Riwut Airport had the name of Panarung Airport, which was established on May 1, 1958, which was inaugurated by the Resident of Central Kalimantan, namely Mr. Tjilik Riwut. At that time can be enabled and landed by a type of Twin Otter Aircraft (from the Air Force) On September 24, 1973 Panarung Airport by the Central Kalimantan Government was handed over to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. switched entirely to the central government, as a follow up to the handover by the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Prof. Dr. Emil Salim stated that Panarung Palangka Raya Air Port as an Air Port for domestic (Domestic) air traffic using Fokker 27 type aircraft.

Panarung Airport Becomes Tjilik Riwut Airport Coinciding with the commemoration of National Heroes' Day on November 10, 1988 the name Tjilik Riwut (former Governor of Central Kalimantan), enshrined for the name of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Capital Airport Palangka Raya which was formerly called Panarung Airport. The change of name to Tjilik Riwut Airport and the signing of the presidency were carried out by the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Ir. Azwar Anas. The renaming was in accordance with the proposal of the Central Kalimantan Governor, Central Kalimantan DPRD and recommendations / responses of the Minister of Home Affairs. The perpetuation of the name is because Tjilik Riwut is a National Hero (Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia dated November 6, 1988 No.108 / TK / 1988).

On March 28, 2019 this new terminal was operated, the old airport terminal was moved to the airport's new terminal.

On April 8, 2019 the new terminal was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.


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