n accordance with the Virtual Press Conference conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 30, 2020, one of the speakers from WHO Dr. Michael Ryan stated, in general WHO recommends the use of masks by the wider community to prevent the individual from transmitting the disease to others.

In line with these recommendations, today April 6, 2020, President Jokowi officially announced the obligation to use masks when outside the home.

The following explanation of the masks in circulation today:

1. Motorcycle Mask

Motorcycle masks are masks that are often used when riding a motor vehicle. This mask serves to filter out dust and pollution on the highway. This mask can also prevent the spread of Corona virus.

2. Surgical Masks

Surgical Masks have 3 layers (waterproof, filter and liquid absorbent) which are very functional for the user to prevent Corona virus, but surgical masks only used once, it should be removed after used, this type of mask is intended for medical personnel.

3. N95 mask

N95 mask is a mask that is predicted to prevent Corona virus by up to 95% because it can filter out large particles. This type of mask is also intended only for medical personnel.

4. N99 and N100 masks

Above N95 masks can use N99 and N100 masks which can filter air up to 99% for N99 masks and 100% for N100 masks. However, this mask is quite expensive and limited, therefore, this mask is only intended for the medical team.

So how about wider community? What mask they should used?

To anticipate the scarcity of medical masks, the government instructed to use cloth masks when going outside. Better to use the cloth mask that has up to 2-3 layers thick.

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