Reciprocal Green Lane

Reciprocal Green Lane forpassengers traveling on important business and business trips (specialpassengers) between Singapore and Indonesia is a service agreement betweenSingapore and Indonesia in serving special passengers traveling from Singaporeto Indonesia and vice versa. In general, the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) orTravel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) is a catalyst in an effort to increase thenumber of international passengers which leads to increasing company revenues.

The RGL / TCA will allowcross-border travel for important business and official destinations to becontinued between the two countries. Applicants who qualify for the RGL / TCAare Indonesian citizens as well as citizens and residents of Singapore. Thesetravellers must comply with COVID-19 prevention and public health measuresmutually agreed upon by the two countries, including polymerase chain reaction(PCR) swab tests before and after departure from mutually recognized healthinstitutions.

Applications for the RGL / TCAwill open on 26 October 2020 and travel will begin shortly thereafter. Theoperational details of RGL / TCA including procedural requirements, healthprotocols, and application process by following the General Terms andConditions as follows:


Green Lane Reciprocal GeneralTerms and Conditions

• EligibleProspective Passengers are residents of Singapore and Indonesia who need totravel on important business and business trips between the two countries.

• Singapore andIndonesia will allow entry of up to 300 persons per month for eligible travelers.The maximum duration of stay in a country is 7 days.

• Green Lineusers between Singapore and Indonesia will bear the cost of the PCR Test forCOVID19 PCR before departure in the country of departure and upon arrival inthe country of arrival.

• Verifying thetravel documents of prospective passengers in the form of tickets, identity,VISA and PCR test results for less than 72 hours and health documents (usingthe E-HAC application); sentence structure

• Through aspecial check line for passengers using TCA / RGL, namely Immigration counter /desk number 2;

• Has a sponsorfrom Singapore (government / Singapore agency or company based in Singapore)

• Have filledin SG Arrival Card on D-3 and have a valid Safe Travel Pass


Arrival Procedure

• Announcements/ announcements related to the implementation of the RGL (Reciprocal GreenLane) procedure are delivered at Soekarno Hatta International Airport on boardthe plane in connection with the special arrival flow according to signage /directions;

• Conducted PCR/ SWAB checks at the PCR / SWAB Test Area locations, namely the Soekarno HattaInternational Airport arrival corridor

• Have aspecial sign for RGL passengers in the form of a fast track card and undergothe next flow, namely checking health documents by the KKP, immigrationcounter, namely desk number 1 and submitting a fast track card to be shown tothe COVID task force officer at the check point.

• Through exit access for RGL passengers whohave shown their fast track card at the check point for the covid-19 taskforce

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