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What is RGL?

Reciprocal Green Lane for passengers traveling on essential services and businesses (special passengers) between Singapore and Indonesia is a service agreement between Singapore and Indonesia in serving special passengers traveling from Singapore to Indonesia and vice versa


Are There Any Conditions For Using RGL?

General Terms

a.    Eligible prospective Passengers are residents of Singapore and Indonesia who need to travel on important business and business trips between the two countries.

b.    Singapore and Indonesia will allow entry of up to 300 people per month for eligible travelers. The maximum duration of stay in one of the countries is 7 days.

c.     Green Line users between Singapore and Indonesia will bear the cost of PCR Test COVID19 PCR before departure in the country of departure and upon arrival in the country of arrival.

Special Terms:

             a.      Have a Sponsor from Singapore(Singapore government/agency or Singapore-based company)

            b.    Have conducted covid-19 test up to 72 hours before departure

            c.     Has filled out the SG Arrival Card  in D-3

            d.    Have a valid Safe Travel Pass


Who can go on an RGL trip?

Indonesian citizens who are traveling on business or business that are invited by the sponsor (Singapore government / agency or company based in Singapore) 


Where can sponsors invite via SafeTravel Pass?

SafeTravel Pass can be accessed by links online here https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/indonesia/rgl/apply-now 


Where can I fill in the SG Arrival Card?

Please fill in online at https://eservices.ica.gov.sg/sgarrivalcard/


Where can I get a PCR test in Indonesia to departure? and the PCR test in Singapore for return?

List of health institutions that can perform PCR in Indonesia can click here.
List of medical institutions that can perform PCR in Singapore can click here.


How long do I have to be quarantined waiting for the PCR test results at the airport / port of arrival in Singapore? and how much does it cost?

Please inquire directly to the health worker who carries out the PCR test at the point of arrival in Singapore


Where can I get the TraceTogether and SafeEntry applications?

Please download it on the App Store (iOS) or PlayStore (Android) or visit the following page https://www.tracetogether.gov.sg/ 


What if there is a change in plan / itinerary while in Singapore?

Please ask directly to the sponsor


Do you mean private vehicles when in Singapore?

Can use a taxi or rent your own vehicle or a vehicle provided by a sponsor


When I return to Indonesia, is it necessary to do a PCR test in Singapore?

Before returning to Indonesia, Indonesian citizens who leave for Singapore using the RGL / TCA scheme are required to take a PCR test in Singapore 72 hours before boarding the plane.

A list of health institutions that can perform PCR tests in Singapore can be seen in point number 4.


Can the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore be a sponsor for Indonesian citizens who are going to Singapore with the RGL / TCA scheme?

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore cannot be a sponsor, only Singapore-based companies or Singapore government agencies / institutions

Source: kemlu.go.id
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